Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the reasons individuals consider coming to reside at the Eastern Star Home or Campus?
A: One of the primary reasons individuals come to the Eastern Star Home to live is their needs for care are greater and require skilled nursing care or daily assistance.  Our nursing staff provides excellent twenty-four hour care.  If you come to live at Pounder Hall, it will afford you the opportunity for increased social interaction with others.  Living here relieves individuals and their caregivers of tasks that have become burdensome in their own homes.

Q: Do I have to be a member of the Order of the Eastern Star to become a resident?
A: Our Nursing Home and Pounder Hall are open for public admission with preference given to Eastern Star and Masonic members as outlined below:

  • Any member of the Order of the Eastern Star in the State of New York is eligible for admission.
  • The spouse of a member presently residing in the Eastern Star Home will be admitted.
  • Any resident of Pounder Hall will be granted an automatic transfer to the Nursing Home.
  • A member of the Order of the Eastern Star in any State will be considered for admission.
  • A Master Mason in good standing will be considered for admission.
  • Relatives of members of the Order of the Eastern Star and Master Masons in good standing will be considered for admission.
Q: How can I receive an application for admission or get more information for either the Nursing Home or Pounder Hall?
You can call us directly at 315-736-9311 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday and ask for the Director of Social Services or the Administrator.  We’d be happy to provide you with additional information.  Or send us an e-mail now.

Q: May I bring some of my own furnishings from my home with me?
A: Yes, we encourage residents to bring their personal possessions and small pieces of furniture with them to personalize their rooms and make them feel more comfortable.